Month: April 2014

April Showers , May 1st Tomorrow ! Yippee

JD 455 All Wheel Steer Diesel – Todays picture shows me in the shop working on the mower tractor .
Rainy , Rainy – Tomorrow is May 1st and we have not had very many April Showers Yet. I think we had more April Snowshowers than Rain Showers, ha,ha.
Healthy Eating – Today Deb and I finally got to go for our first 3 mile walk outside and it felt so good. It actually didn’t feel that good but it sure seemed nice walking outside .
Camping – Were seeing people getting their campers out of storage this week , must be May 1st they have to be out or pay another month.
Great Lakes Record ice – Still record ice conditions in Lake Superior. Since records have been kept they are saying there is currently three times the ice this late from any past records.
The coastguard is saying Superior will still have some ice in June.
American Idol – Tonight we will enjoy seeing the last few singers sing for their lives as the show winds down in the next couple weeks. The ones left are all good singers , but not good performers. They can’t relax enough for the judges and they are docked for that.
Have a great Tues.

Lawn and Garden Tractors JD 455 Diesel 215 hours

JD 455 Diesel , 215 very low hours – Todays photo shows me changing oil and filters on my 16 year old jd 455. I will also clean it all up and wax it and wax the snowblower too. I have less than 20 hours on the snowblower now and it still looks like brand new. I bought two jd 455 tractors 16 years ago . This was the two wheel steer one . This was the backup mower. The other jd 455 I have is a 4 wheel steer model and all those years of mowing my lawn accounts with it never once did it break down. That is the reason this backup tractor has so few hours on it.
SNOW !! – Just north of Mackinaw today it is still snowing. Were getting a cold rain in Gaylord. But our snow is almost gone.
Boatnerd – Great Lakes is good now below Mackinaw but still having ice issues north of Mackinaw.
Garden Tractors – Yesterday I moved the garden tractors out of the back shed for the first time since last fall. The narrow front jd 730 tractor had the front wheels still in 2 inches of ice. So that shows it has not warmed up that much yet. The half scale jd 4020 had one inch of ice under it.
Grader Blade- After I service the two 455 tractors I will get started on the center mounted grader blade project for the jd 110 round fender tractor. Eventually I will sell all these garden tractors I have and they will be more appealing for someone to buy if they each at least have a blade to go with them. Most guys like tractors and grading dirt or plowing snow.
Dancing With the Stars – The show is adding up lots of injuries this season as the pressure to win gets greater.
Have a great Tues.

Doodlebug Test Drive Video


Click here to see Video
Test drive went well , not real speedy but fun. Turns well .
Next I will pull the JD 455 with the cab and 47 in. snowblower in the shop and change oil and filters and wax it all . Now the new blower has about 15 hours on it after two winters. It still looks like brand new . I will put a nice coat of wax on it too inside and out. of the housing.
Monday – If things go as planned I will fire up the tractors in the back shed and move them around for the first time since last fall. The jd 110 Round Fender is the next tractor to pull in the shop . Going to build a mid mounted grader blade for it . Never had one and want one so I will build one. It will give the 110 a little more personality because it does not have a mower deck. Should be a fun little project. Three days it should be done. After that I will either build another sulky with a wide seat or work more on another small trailer project.
Have a great Sunday !!