Month: May 2014

Rest in Peace Grandpa

My dad passed away on Memorial Day.
I will always remember riding on the fender of the tractor for hours and hours with him when i was young.
I think back at feeding the cattle with him and all the days and nights picking corn and filling the corn cribs together. Then every spring pushing out the corn and shelling it with him. Doesn’t sound exciting but when you grew up with no real dad it meant a lot to me. I also remember clearing the woods behind the barn and picking up rocks for three weeks with him.
My real dad was so mean to us kids and to my mom , he never hit us but he did hit my mom more than once. So when grandpa came along when I was 12 it was a gift from Heaven. Once he let me start driving tractors I could not wait to get home from school . What a wonderful few years I had before I got married to Deb. Then we moved and I farmed for my brother in law and worked for many years at Krogers.
Every Wed. night we would go to the farm and have supper to spend time there. We did that for several years.
We also planned every summer vacation during slow times on the farm so my folks could go on vacations with us. It was so fun to have someone so nice to my mom, Deb, Nicole and Me. Our great vacations varied from New Hampshire , Boston, Washington D.C. , even our trip to D.C. grandpa had a sore knee and he never complained once. Other summers we went to Canada several times, rode the Algoma Train ride 10 hours . All this time grandpa was so good to our little girl Nicole. We took another great trip to Copper Harbor and to Duluth , Minn. to see the ships.
Wis. Dells was another great bunch of memories and we always stopped for fresh cheese curds several times. We took another trip just around the thumb of Michigan for a few days and several trips to Frankenmuth for chicken dinners. Of course our camping trips to the Soo Locks were always fun watching the fireworks and the Freighters.
Then another summer off we headed for Iowa to see tractors and combines being made and grandpa and I loved that vacation the best . Grandma , Deb and Nicole liked that vacation the least.
Yet another summer we headed to Arkansas and it was so hot our camera melted all our pictures!
But we even had fun that trip.
Some summers we just went to the cottage at Gaylord and we always had fun at Deadmans hill enjoying the fall colors. When we weren’t on vacations we always found time to go for country rides looking at farms and crops. We did that a lot last summer and grandpa would just say isn’t this fun , over and over again. We took so many trips to Saginaw over the last 40 years with them too . Just simple fun talking as we rode to our favorite eating places and laughing about simple things .
Our time with them in Florida was also full of fun memories as they wanted us to go see things they liked and eat at their favorite places.
Grandpa loved cherry pie and ice cream the very best. So on our rides all last summer we had quite a few pieces of cherry pie and plenty of ice cream. Even our last trip to get ice cream last fall we all agreed to get a small cone and grandpa spoke up and said ” Not ME ” I want the Big one !!, ha,ha. This picture shows him getting the BIG ice cream cone , ha,ha.
I did not go to the funeral this week and my family has now disowned me. My mom told me last summer if it would not have been for Deb and I spending the whole summer with her and grandpa they would have had no one come around. My brother and sisters never went on one vacation with my folks in the whole 50 years. And I understand they were busy and last summer they were busy. They can disown me from this day forward but I have no guilt . God knows my heart and understands funerals are very rough on some people . My sister died 30 years ago and i still wished i had not gone to the funeral and seen my sister who lived next door to us and who I jogged with often.
What a great 50 years of memories and fun times though
In my 60’s I am old enough to decide if I don’t want to see my dad dead or not. I chose not too. I also had this discussion last summer with my mom and she knows how I feel about when she passes away.
My thoughts are to spend every day together when they are alive because the funeral to me is too late.
As a Christian I am happy for grandpa that he is no longer in pain and is in Heaven.
Deb and I continue to Pray for my mom .
Have a great Sat.

Up North Camping in Gaylord , Mi.

Otsego Lake State Park- I remember camping at Otsego Lake State Park as a young boy. We also had a cottage on Otsego Lake and have many fun memories there too. Even though we only live 5 miles from the state park it is surprising how fun it is to just drive out and park the car and walk through the campground. We have taken our camper and camped in it there. I still remember the campsights we used to camp at. I guess that is why I still love campfires so much when we camp. It is just so simple and relaxing watching the fire get big then go low and throw more wood on and it gets real hot again. I also have always loved to play in the fire , ha,ha.
We always had the marshmallow olympics and judged the best perfect brown marshmallow. Probably the worst experience at a campfire was one of the guests threw 10 bottle rockets in the campfire !!!
It’s hilarious now to think about but at the time it seemed pretty stupid, ha,ha.
June is just a week away and that starts our 12 weeks of summer. It is going to go fast so I hope you all can get out and enjoy this first Holiday Weekend.
Drive careful and stay safe.


Northern Michigan Camping – The traffic in Gaylord is starting to pick up as the first tourists start arriving today. Looks like great weather for the Holiday Weekend and after the roughest winter in 40 years people are so ready for a nice get a way .
Gaylord Herald Times says we still have our ice tree to show to them. Deb and I have not camped up north in two years.
Hope you all have a safe and fun weekend .