Month: June 2014

Terak Driving the JD 110 by himself , yippee !!

John Deere 110 Round Fender- Nicole , Bill and Terak are on their way back to D.C. and we slept in this morning . I think that little guy wore us out , lol
He never stops from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm , he just runs everywhere and he is always doing something .
He keeps Nicole and Bill hopping too.
Todays picture shows us yesterday in the backyard as Terak got to drive the jd 110 all by himself . And he got to pull me in the trailer too so he was all smiles . Nicole was nervous but it all went great and now we have videos of Terak at 3 and a half driving his first tractor alone. We made three passes across the backyard and he did great steering it too.
Bill did pretty good too driving all the tractors but he did have one little exciting moment on the hot rod John Deere in High Gear ? He put it in the wrong gear and forgot those large rear tires gear it up a lot and that thing goes pretty fast and he forgot the clutch and the brake were the same pedal , yikes ! But it ended good with no injuries but another memory for all of us ? (:<) ha,ha.
Campfire Smoke – After about 8 nights of campfires we all agree to take a break . Then last night along with the last campfire and cooking hot dogs we had to add more smoke from our big firework extravaganza !!! So smoke bombs and all the other smoky fireworks pretty much gave us all our fill of smoke for a while , tee, hee .
I'm sure as Nicole, Bill and Terak make that long ride home they are looking forward to sleeping in their own beds again.
Funny how vacations are so fun but it seems when you return you are usually not rested up but you seem exhausted for the next few days .
Hope your all enjoying the summer and having fun !
Have a great Thurs.

Grandpa and Terak in the Workshop

terak in workshop 071
Last Day of Vacation – It has been such fun with Nicole, Bill and Terak home. Tonight is our last night of campfires and it will be the grand finaly with special effects for the fire and also some special fireworks.
Also we all got to cook some Koegel Hot dogs and Koegel Polish dogs on the fire and then for dessert make those sticky smores, ha,ha. YUM !!
Terak spent a little time in the workshop with me and helping me sort through a bunch of clamps and he enjoyed sorting some of my wrenches.
Before we were done Deb came out to take a few pictures of Terak in the workshop and she saw Terak and I with the safety glasses on and she just doubled over laughing !! Then Terak started laughing and then I started laughing ! It was just one of those goofy moments that didn’t make any sense but we just all laughed about nothing , lol
Those are the little rare moments you can’t plan and they just happen (:>)
6 weeks left until Aug. so hope you all get out and enjoy time with the family even if it is just in the backyard sitting around a little campfire.
Have a great Wed.


Such a Great Feeling – Today Nicole and Bill have been married 14 years. That is hard to believe. Wow, time is flying by. We are so proud of them for working together all these years . They are both hard workers and very organized . They are great parents to Terak .
But most of all we see they are a lot like Deb and I . Nicole and Bill are like best friends. They really do have fun together without having to always have other couples with them.
So often these days husbands and wives have their own friends and do so many things apart from each other . Even going on separate vacations.
42 years now Deb and I have always had so much fun just the two of us. We really are best friends still . It really is such a great feeling to see Nicole have so much fun with Bill. We have a lot of fun with other people too but not all the time.
Happy Wife , Happy Life.
People say if the wife is happy and go lucky and relaxed and has normal fun conversations with the husband all the time then they probably do have a happy life. That is how Nicole and Bill still talk to each other and Deb and I still have so much fun just the two of us where ever we go.
We see them laughing with each other and just having fun and Deb and I laugh a lot just the two of us.
It isn’t about a big fancy house , fancy cars, exotic vacations because all that means very little if you don’t enjoy each other everyday and laugh and have fun doing simple things. Best friends who are married really are lucky because everyday you get to have fun together.
Nicole and Bill we are so happy for you guys.
Happy Anniversary !!!

2014 Summer Fun with the Garden Hose .

Summer FUN !, had me a Blast, Summer FUN !, just couldn’t LAST !! As the vacation nears the end we continue to make a extra funny memory here and there. It has been cool so yesterday it warmed up to get out the hose for a little fun in the water. You can see the expression on Terak’s face he is loving spraying Deb with the ice cold water. He also sprayed Nicole and Bill but Deb screamed the most as the cold water soaked her . What a precious moment seeing that little boy having such innocent fun torturing us , lol
I had control of the hose and the water pressure so when he turned it to me I squeezed the hose . But he did get me good once. Terak LOVES the water. Oh, by the way I did get control of the hose to soak Terak a once or twice and he screamed and laughed and kept running back for more.
What a great time we have had and how fast time is going.
We still got two more campfires to go until next summer.
So were enjoying every minute we have left.
Have a great Monday !!