Month: July 2014

Time to shut down my website

TIME TO SIGN OFF – It has been great sharing so many fun projects and so many fun adventures with Deb, Nicole, Terak , Bill and my folks over the years with all of you .
But like everything else , we all have to move on as things get outdated. Thousands of great webpages have been shut down in the last couple years for one reason or another .
In the last four weeks it has just got to be more of a hassle to try to change my page than what it is worth. Even today I had to try three or four different times to make it work.
Thanks again for all of you that stuck with me and kept visiting my page from the beginning to the very end.
I will have Nicole leave this post on for a couple weeks before she pulls the plug on it for the very last time.
I also want to thank Nicole and Deb one last time for all the years they made this possible.
Of Course , I can’t leave without saying a big thanks to God for letting me hang around all these years and who gave me the ability to create things from a piece of flat metal.
I hope if you ever hear my name at some toy show it will be good things said about me. I never had a single bad toy transaction in 18 years. I always was very honest to everyone and never tried to cheat anyone out of any money.
Once in a while someone would get angry at me because I would not build them a model. I just did not always want to build certain models. But that was very rare.
Not sure what tomorrow will bring as far as building anymore toys. I will continue to putter with the garden tractors that I already have and tweak them more in the workshop.
I feel very blessed to have such a great best friend as Deb , such a great daughter , a great son-in-law and a wonderful grandson.
Things are getting better with my family now and I am back to writing to my mom again everyday and we might take her with us to Florida if we go in the future.
I have said I was going to shut this down twice before in the last three years but never actually did. I just didn’t post for a while. But this time it it for real as the internet keeps changing and makes it harder to figure out the page and it isn’t fare to hassle Nicole with it anymore.
Thanks again Nicole for all your help !!
Bye everybody and thanks again !!
Don , Debbie, Nicole, Bill and Terak